Dr Greg Williams, Farjo Hair Institute

Dr Greg Williams, Farjo Hair Institute

We are very pleased to be working with a new contributor, Dr Greg Williams of the Farjo Hair Institute. Coming soon are a couple of excellent webinars by Dr Williams: “The Differences Between Hair Transplant Donor Harvesting Methods & Current Hair Transplant Techniques” and “Incision Making, Graft Implantation and Results in Male pattern Hair Loss”.

And we’ll be working with the Farjo Hair Institute on a very special offer in the coming weeks – watch this space!

A little background info from Dr Williams:

“I often think how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and when I look back at the path that brought me to this point, it certainly wasn’t a direct one! I trained initially as a Plastic Surgeon and then as Burns Specialist – a journey that took 18 years to complete. When people get burned they sometimes lose their scalp hair and eyebrows and the hair transplant methods I was taught in the NHS weren’t very sophisticated so I travelled to Brazil and Canada to learn more cutting edge techniques. It was a natural evolution to use these skills not only for reconstructive cases but also for men and women with androgenetic alopecia.

During my training years, I also did a Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship during which time I decided that facelifts, fillers, lasers and other ant-ageing treatments were not something I felt comfortable doing. I don’t see hair restoration as an anti-ageing treatment since not everyone loses their hair as they get older. I see it more as a disease that is treatable.

After almost 20 years in the NHS and having reached the pinnacle of my burns career, I decided to convert my part time private practice in Hair restoration to a full time career. Joining Farjo Hair Institute not only allows me to work with partners who pay the same attention to detail, quality in outcome and excellence in patient care that I pride myself in, but also lets me continue to pursue my interest in teaching and research.

I am often asked if I regret leaving the NHS and if I feel that what I do now is less worthy than what I did previously and my answer is a resounding ‘no’! Although I am no longer saving lives I know with certainty that every day I am still changing lives for the better”.