What every national plastic surgery society needs NOW, for all its members, is an independent, unbiased, low-cost, on-line teaching platform, contributed to by many and accessible to all. Why wait? TheWebinarSurgeon.com is already here…

As we celebrate our first birthday, it’s a good time to restate our main aim – TheWebinarSurgeon.com was set up to address the global inadequacies of surgical training for aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

In a world with record numbers of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments being carried out by an increasing number of practitioners, the need for an independent, bias-free, platform for teaching is more essential now than ever before. In the UK, for example:

“The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) should establish an Interspecialty Committee on Cosmetic Surgery, made up of representatives of all the relevant specialty and professional associations. The purpose of this group is to set standards for cosmetic surgery practice and training, and make arrangements for formal certification of all surgeons regarded as competent to undertake cosmetic procedures, taking account of training and experience”

This was a key recommendation of the Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions report published in April 2013 under the oversight of Sir Bruce Keogh.

TheWebinarSurgeon.com is already helping to contribute to this key recommendation, for cosmetic surgery practice and training, in not only the UK, but globally.

We can do so as an independent online education platform, funded by our subscribers and customers – not by industry or by government. We’re a place where expert contributors (with our help and guidance) can submit their recorded surgical and non-surgical teaching, presentations and webinars, to a purpose-built resource designed and created for all those wishing to offer safe, professional cosmetic surgery.

Join us, in our aim to improve on the safety and opportunities available for tomorrow’s cosmetic patients.