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    This is how it works:
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    That’s it! If you wish, we will write emails for you to send to your customers, including your unique tracking link that lets you receive commission payments. Or if you prefer to be more involved:
  • We send you your login details to our Referral Partner Center
  • When you log in, you find a unique tracking link (and other resources)
  • You email your customers to offer them – including your tracking link
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  • Every purchase they make is tracked to you
  • You earn 15% commission on all subscriptions and sales
  • You can also recruit your own Referral Partners, and share their commission payments
    When you log in to our Referral Partner Center you’ll find resources like email templates and banner ads – these already include your unique tracking link. There are also YouTube video testimonials and demos of all our content that you’re welcome to use. To learn more about the programme, take a look at this webinar from Peter Cranstone:

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