ORGANISATIONS is for your organisation if :

• You want your seminars & meetings, professionally filmed (and, optionally, livestreamed) at no cost and available at discount to your members / potential members

• You want to run parallel sessions that can both be filmed and made available to all

• You want to enhance the perception of your organisation

• Your members who can’t attend meetings want to gain CPD points without the cost of travel and time

How we can help organisations and their members :

• BAPRAS Surgeons, trainee surgeons, house officers, registrars and nurses in plastic, breast or aesthetic surgery want training, education and the chance to connect with experts, delivered in an easy to use, convenient way

• But it’s hard to find all of that value in one place, so we have created it at

• We believe that the future for training more than one or two at a time, is to use the tools of the internet and modern IT, to develop important training messages for a much wider, even international audience.

• We are offering bodies such as BAPRAS the opportunity – at no cost and with no additional work required from you – to be the one of the first to harness a combination of the expertise of leading surgeons, and the technology to share that expertise globally. The benefits to members will be immense.

• Have your meetings filmed (and optionally livestreamed) for inclusion on at no cost – adding a huge new benefit to existing and potential members, globally

• You’ll be using the power and reach of the internet and video webinars to expose your organisation to a much wider audience which may ultimately led to an increase in your global membership.

Further Benefits to You and Your Members:

• Offer your members access to professional and educational meetings livestreamed or as video on demand (password-protected) if they are unable to attend in person

• Include the webinar material that we produce for you in your members’ CPD/CME points

• We will produce expert aesthetic surgery training webinars and offer these to subscribers to our site – this resource becomes an additional training tool that you can promote to your members

• You’ll be able to link to our material from your site – enhancing your appeal to existing and potential members

• We will create a page on our site which will archive all your webinar presentations for future generations

• You will have control over the webinar slide presentations to allow only “approved” material

• The Intellectual Property Rights remain with you

• We envisage that the webinar will be a powerful tool in assisting you meet the training recommendations of Sir Bruce Keogh’s Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, 2013

• Advertise your membership to a new, wider international audience, engage with them ahead of the others, bring the future of training and education to your members first