Dr Andy Chiang is an eminent plastic surgeon from China, working as a Consultant Facial Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Shanghai at the 9th Peoples Hospital.

In this presentation Dr Chiang discusses how facial beauty is perceived in China today, with the effects of globalisation. He discusses how the facial bones, cartilage and muscles make up the external features and appearance, and how these are viewed by Chinese people and westerners, with examples of famous Asians actors and models, both in China and overseas.

From a surgical perspective he considers how modern techniques can alter the underlying bony and soft tissues, to create the desired changes in the Asian face. The presentation explores three areas of the face and the common surgical procedures for each area.

First, the upper facial contour changes to the forehead and temple area. Then, the mid-facial contours, which account for 50% of surgical techniques, to Zygomatic arch, medial and lateral cheek, nasal dorsum and tip, and the lips and buccal region. Finally, the lower facial contours of the jaw and chin.

This excellent presentation explores in great detail and with excellent images, the challenges to and influences on, modern Chinese plastic and aesthetic surgery.

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Surgeon: Dr Andy Chiang | Category: Facelift

Dr Andy Chiang is an eminent plastic surgeon from China, working as a Consultant Facial Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in Shanghai at the 9th Peoples Hospital.

In this presentation, Dr Chiang focuses his attention on the eyes, perhaps the most striking of all the facial features. He discusses how trends and desired features have changed throughout history and how the modern western appearance has influenced a staggering increase in blepharoplasty surgery in China today, where those under 30 make up 40% of all patients.

43% of Chinese people have a single eyelid or monolid, which is some 600,000,000 people. As the single lid can give the appearance of being tried or lazy, the desire for corrective upper blepharoplasty surgery, to create a double fold to give a larger, brighter and more refreshed appearance, has grown.

Dr Chiang discusses the various techniques to create the double lid and create the parallel, open tail, lunar or occidental shaped eye. He shows excellent examples of the pre- and post-op appearance, the intricate details and minor corrections that can influence these changes and discusses whether to use the Full, Small or Buried surgical technique to achieve the desired result. A fascinating presentation that should inspire all surgeons with an interest in oculoplastic surgery.

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Surgeon: Dr Andy Chiang | Category: Blepharoplasty

This excellent video webinar demonstrates a complete Breast Augmentation under local anaesthetic, from surgical and patient perspectives.

Mr Azhar Aslam trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the UK; he was awarded a scholarship from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and a fellowship at Louisiana, USA in 1996. He became a Consultant in the Countess of Chester Hospital before moving into private practice in London in 2000.

In this live surgical video demonstration, Mr Aslam discusses the “5 dimensions” of cosmetic surgery – the 3 dimensions of the body and the aesthetic approach, the fourth being the patient’s aspirations, mind set and understanding of what is possible, surgically. The fifth dimension is TIME – how will this procedure affect the patient over the next few weeks and months, after a year and after 10 to 20 years?

From pre-operative planning and discussion with the patient, to the entire surgical procedure, this is an excellent and informative video for all trainees and a reminder to those more experienced.

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Surgeon: Mr Azhar Aslam | Category: Breast Augmentation

There are too few plastic surgeons in the world, that will “tell it how it is”, without ego or compromise. A larger than life, funny and true character amongst his fellow surgeons, Brent Tanner attended medical school at Cambridge and trained in the UK, then took up a Consultant post at the renown Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead in 1984.

This presentation takes us on his journey through various “suspension” facelift techniques starting with the MACS (Minimal Access Cranio-suspension) Facelift which he learned from the Belgian surgeons, Patrick Tonnard and Alex Verpaele in Ghent. Reviewing this technique, the certain limitations become apparent, leading Brent to meet the Finnish plastic surgeon, Prof Rolf Nordstrom with the amazing Elastic Fantastic Silicone suture to spread tension over the entire area!

This leads Brent to the Barbed Suspension sutures… Do these work? If you are a young, aspiring cosmetic surgeon, this webinar is one to watch. Every new technique or product development, needs time, a series of patients and above all else – a surgeon honest enough to keep learning and keep trying to find the optimal surgical procedure.

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Surgeon: Mr Brent Tanner | Category: Facelift

Most posterior Pinnaplasty (correction of prominent ears) approaches use a permanent suture; with this technique by Mr Tariq Ahmad, a resorbable suture can be used if you follow the principles shown in this video. The patient in this live surgery training webinar is a young female. We see with considerable detail the planning, skin excision and fascial flap creation, posterior pocket dissection, neo antihelix construction and set back correction as performed by Tariq.

Price: GBP £23

Duration: 46 mins

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Surgeon: Mr Tariq Ahmad | Category: Innovative Procedures, Pinnaplasty

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